We want to feel like we are living poetry. But we struggle too with the daily work of being awake to beauty while managing kids, career, creativity, and the world. Our podcast reflects our belief that, in the end, life is all about the pursuit of beauty, mystery and the sublime-- and the spirit with which we undertake this important work-- whether we succeed in our endeavor or not.




By day, Kodiak Julian teaches high school English. Her writing career occurs during stranger times. She is a graduate of Reed College and of the Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers' Workshop. Like the podcast, her writing concerns the intersections between the quotidian and the cosmic. She lives with her husband and son just down the street from Jamaica.

Jamaica Zoglman grew up in Maple Valley, Washington, spent her college years in Seattle, and eventually made her way to Yakima in search of adventure-- adventures in teaching ESL, specifically. She found a home here, and good work that needed doing, and eventually her very own tribe of weirdos and kindred spirits. Jamaica is currently a teacher of world religions, an artist, and of course a podcaster and pursuer of beauty, mystery, and the sublime. She lives up the street from Kodiak with her lumberjack husband Avery, their three extraordinary offspring, and an assortment of cats and chickens.